My writing is as diverse as my personality, and my life objective is to ensure neither  is dull.

I am very honored that Forbidden Magic (originally titled Ancient Skills) was selected as a 2010 Golden Heart Finalist.

Blue Ridge Fear (formerly Crowded Cabin)
​was the winner of the Daphne du Maurier contest.

A list of books currently available

Holiday in Merryvale Stories~Robin Weaver
Christmas Tree Wars
Full Contact Decorating
Gingerbread Skirmish

Paranormal Romance Series
(Robin Weaver writing as Genia Avers)

Forbidden Magic (Lantus Chronicles)
Forbidden Flame (Lantus Chronicles)
Forbidden Twice (Lantus Chronicles) (coming summer 2019)
Forbidden No More(Lantus Chronicles) (winter 2019)


Framing Noverta~Robin Weaver
Artifacts of Death~Robin Weaver & Robert Drdak
Styrofoam Corpse~Robin Weaver


Blue Ridge Fear~Robin Weaver

Women's Fiction
(Robin Weaver and Mary London Szpara writing as London Avers)

The Boy Box​ 


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Have a Great day.
Robin Weaver